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  • Design And Configuration Of Solar Power Generators
    Jan 13, 2018

    The application technology of the solar power generator is already very mature, the rural bright project of many years ago, through the solar power generation already solves the basic electricity problem for 3 million people, Dunhuang 10 MW solar power station, 255-kilowatt Inner Mongolia Ordos project, The 1 MW project of Chongming Island in Shanghai is a large project of three solar power plants approved by our government.

    Solar power generators According to the design configuration, solar power system design needs to consider the following factors:

    Where solar power systems are used. The situation of solar radiation.

    The load power of the system. (For example: TV, lighting, mobile phone charge of the total power is generally not more than 300 watts)

    System output voltage, DC or AC.

    The time the system needs to work every day.

    If there is no daylight exposure of rainy weather, the system needs to continuously supply the number of days.

    Load situation, pure resistance, capacitance or electrical sensibility, start-up current.

    The number of system requirements.