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  • Application Of Electric Machine For Solar Power Generator
    Jan 13, 2018

    Solar power generators through the sun directly on the solar panel to generate electricity, and battery charging for DC energy-saving lamps, recorders, televisions, DVDs, satellite TV receivers and other products. This product has overcharge, over discharge, short-circuit, temperature compensation, battery reverse protection functions, can output 12V DC and 220V alternating current.

    Solar generators can be remote areas without electricity, field, field activities, home emergency, remote areas, villas, mobile communications base stations, satellite ground reception stations, meteorological stations, forest fire stations, border posts, electricity-free islands, grasslands and pastoral area, such as providing electricity, can replace the National Grid part of energy, non-polluting, safe, New energy to achieve sustainable use for more than 25 years! Applicable to grasslands, islands, deserts, mountains, forest farms, breeding sites, fishing boats and other power outages or lack of power areas.

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