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  • Working Process of UPS
    Jan 13, 2018
    When the mains is normal for 380/220vac, DC main circuit has DC voltage, supply AC ac inverter, output stable 220V or 380V ac voltage, at the same time the power is rectified after the battery charge. When mains undervoltage or sudden power is lost, the battery is fed to the DC loop by isolating the diode switch. There is no switching time from power grids to battery power. When the battery energy is about to run out, the uninterruptible power supply emits sound and light alarm, and stops the inverter work at the lower limit of the battery discharge, and the ringing alarm. Uninterruptible power supply also has overload protection function, when overload (150% load), skip to bypass state, and automatically return when the load is normal. When a severe overload occurs (exceeding 200% rated load), the uninterruptible power supply immediately stops the inverter output and jumps to the bypass state.