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  • Use and maintenance of UPS
    Jan 13, 2018

    Maintain proper ambient temperature. The important factor that affects battery life is ambient temperature, the optimum ambient temperature that the general battery manufacturer requires is between 20-25 ℃. Although the increase in temperature on the battery discharge ability to improve, but pay the price is the battery life greatly shortened.

    Regular charge discharge. UPS power supply of floating charge voltage and discharge voltage, at the factory have been debugged to the rated value, and the discharge current size is increased with the increase in load, use should be reasonable regulation of the load, such as the control of computers and other electronic equipment use number. Under normal circumstances, the load should not exceed the UPS rated load of 60%. In this range, the discharge current of the battery does not appear to be excessive discharge.

    Use the communication function. Most large and medium ups have the ability to operate with microcomputer communication and program control. Install the corresponding software on the microcomputer, connect the UPS through the string/parallel port, run the program, can communicate with the UPS with the computer. Generally have information inquiries, parameter settings, timing settings, automatic shutdown and alarm functions. Through the information inquiry, can obtain the mains input voltage, the UPS output voltage, the load utilization rate, the battery capacity utilization rate, the machine temperature and the electricity frequency and so on information; through the parameter setting, can set UPS basic characteristic, the battery can maintain the time and the battery uses up the alarm and so on.