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  • The composition of UPS
    Jan 13, 2018
    UPS power system consists of five parts: Main road, bypass, battery power input circuit, AC/DC converter rectifier (REC), AC transform inverter (INV), inverter and bypass output switching circuit and storage battery. Its system voltage regulator function is usually completed by the rectifier, rectifier devices using SCR or high-frequency switching rectifier, itself can be based on the changes in the output amplitude of the function, so when the foreign changes (the change should meet the system requirements), the output amplitude of the basic unchanged rectifier voltage. The purification function is completed by the energy storage battery, because the rectifier can not eliminate the instantaneous pulse interference, and the voltage still has the interference pulse. In addition to the function of DC Direct Energy storage battery can be stored, for the rectifier is like a large container capacitor, the equivalent capacitance of the size of the storage battery capacity is proportional to the size. Because the capacitor at both ends of the voltage is not a mutation, that is, the use of the capacitor pulse smoothing characteristics of the elimination of pulse interference, played a purification function, also known as shielding interference. The stability of frequency is achieved by the converter, and the frequency stability depends on the stability of the oscillation frequency of the converter. In order to facilitate the daily operation and maintenance of UPS power system, the system working switch is designed, the automatic bypass switch after the host self-test failure, the bypass switch and other switches are controlled.