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  • Purchase points of UPS
    Jan 13, 2018

    First, stability.

    Because UPS is a safeguard, its own stability is more important. Therefore, when users buy UPS products, whether small and medium enterprise users or other, must first consider the quality of UPS products, product quality is the user selection of products first.

    Second, backup time.

    Backup time is a lot of users in the purchase of UPS products will pay attention to more than one indicator. From an academic point of view, UPS is a power outage to continue to power the user, first of all this is a physics, power outage is only one of its functions, the second is to ensure that users can have a clean power to protect the user's equipment.

    Third, determine the type of UPS.

    According to the load on the output stability, switching time, output waveform requirements to determine the choice of online, online interactive, back-up and sine wave, square wave and other types of ups.

    The output stability and instantaneous response ability of the on-line UPS is stronger than the other two, and the adaptability to the non-linear load is stronger. For some more sophisticated equipment, more important equipment to adopt online ups. Avoid the use of interactive and back-up type in areas where the range of mains fluctuation is larger. If you want to use the generator with short delay ups, it is recommended to use online ups.

    Four, service capability.

    Each user's network characteristics, power environment are different, power protection requirements also change. Users may encounter various problems when using UPS, users want to buy their own products and services fully suited to the actual needs, but also concerned about the equipment investment cycle, long-term return and investment risk. The reality is that the vast majority of users lack of professionals in this area, so, quality service system and active service attitude also become a user to buy UPS must consider an important factor.