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    Jan 13, 2018

    UPS is a third generation of pure online intelligent ups with new digital technology, aiming at the reliability requirements of power supply in China's power grid environment and network monitoring and network system and medical system, overcoming the increasingly bad problem of power grid environment caused by centralized power supply of medium and large computer network system. DC power supply is a device that maintains constant current in the circuit. such as dry batteries, batteries, DC generators and so on.

    UPS and DC power supply is an important power supply equipment, the traditional maintenance management includes: ① daily inspection appearance, regular replacement of batteries, filter capacitors, fans and other vulnerable parts of the overhaul, such as battery activation; ② retrofit or adopt a replacement device to test battery performance using advanced tools. This kind of management way Enterprise invests the high cost, the maintenance personnel heavy workload, is not easy to grasp the equipment operation status and the key data, the equipment accident prevention ability is low. The implementation of online maintenance management can avoid the shortcomings of the traditional way and get good benefits.