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  • Background of solar power generation
    Jan 13, 2018

    Solar is the ideal new energy. New energy needs to meet two conditions at the same time: one is rich will not dry up, the second is safe, clean, will not threaten human and destroy the environment. There are two main types of new energy found, one of which is solar energy.

    In the 21st century, solar energy will become one of the world's major energy sources, the most primitive source of energy, almost all other energy sources on Earth are directly or indirectly from solar energy. Solar power is the energy generated by the continuous fusion reaction of sunspots within or on the surface of the sun. Solar energy has sufficient resources, long life, widely distributed, safe, clean, reliable and other advantages. Because solar energy can be converted into many other forms of energy, so the application of a very wide range of thermal use in the solar greenhouse, dry goods and solar stoves, solar water heaters and so on. After years of development, solar power has also been a significant development.